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Ditodito - Killam

Ditodito Racing

Dito Dito racing is een Italiaanse firma.

De eigenaar, Alessandro Rossi, maakt prachtig bodies op schaal 1/5 aan fantastische prijzen.
Met uitzondering van de Ferrari body zijn ze allemaal EFRA goedgekeurd en geleverd met bijhorende stickerset.

Killam Design

The Killam BMW is based on the BMW 320si body from 2006 where it raced in the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship).
The Killam BMW bodyshell is regarded as one of the, if not the, best bodies currently available in 1/5th Scale. It’s aerodynamic performance is near to perfect & can be a huge advantage over other bodies at a race meeting.
This has been proved over the past 3 years as it has been the European Championship Winning Body in the last 2 years (2011, 2012) & was the 2013 World Championship Winning Body!
What makes this body so great? The balance between the front & rear is near perfect. The rear of the body will give give your car a high amount of rear end grip. The front of the body will give you a very balanced and high amount of front end grip. Overall this makes the bodies aero balance between the front and the rear perfect!

The Honda Civic is the ‘replacement’ for the old Honda Accord. Picked, developed & designed by Frank Killam, this body was chosen for a tight, twisty, low grip track.
This body has an amazing amount of detail compared to the rear Honda Civic that is raced in the TC2000 Saloon Series in Argentina.
The aero performance of the body, from the short angled front, is one of high initial steering. But as well as this the rear end of the body will give you a very high amount of rear end grip.

Velocitatem is the exclusive dealer in Belgium for the sale of the Killam Bodies. Contact us now for further information. We have the BMW and Honda Civic now on stock!

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